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Vacancy Front-End developer (Ukraine, Kyiv)

We are looking for passionate, roll-up-your-sleeves Web Developer.
We have a acute shortage of talented UI person who believes that good code should look beautiful from all points of view and follow that principle.
Your main focus will be to work between designers and devs and to propagate beauty and validity.

Knowledge & Qualifications
-experience in hand-coding xhtml pages
-extensive knowledge of css
-strong js background and hunger to consolidate it
-several years of commercial development experience

Optional Experiences
-a server side scripting language such as php, asp, jsp, ruby, python (incl. oop design patterns)
-public apis such as flickr, google maps or facebook

About us:
We are a US registered company with an office in Kyiv, some of our team members work remotely.
Our company is partnering with several key niche players (USA) and currently developing:
- Social networks
- E-commerce solutions
- Full-cycle management and B2C/B2B systems
- Large scale email marketing systems

If you are interested or can recommend someone, please write [email protected]  with subject Front-End Developer

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